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With expertise and experience in advertising, sales, promotion and graphic design, StylinDESIGN has the skills to promote your idea, your product, your business.

We have worked with companies of all sizes, including Parks Canada, Harbourfront Corporation, NOW Magazine, and the University of Toronto, to name a few, and we bring this same initiative to projects for the catering company, restaurant, or furniture store.

Our specialty is in the communication we provide to your small business, developing a focus for your product or service - we help to define strengths and appeal, and hone your business's market-ability.

All with style... for more information, call 905-525-2496 or call 905-525-2496 or email to

helps to define
your company's
strengths and appeal
to hone your business's

StylinDESIGN Rule
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From brochures to flyers, textbooks to menus, StylinDESIGN takes the essential information and knows how to get it across. With information jumping out at us from all directions these days, it is important to know how to edit, design and layout your document to ensure your message steps out of the noise. (Click on the images above for samples.)

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From bars to hospitals to boardrooms, posters and postcards are a quick and effective way to speak to people. Plus an exciting design will leap out of your hand and off the wall, telephone pole or billboard. StylinDESIGN is expert in poster and postcard development. (Click on the images above for samples.)

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One of the most important first steps in promoting your business is the development of your logo and business card. StylinDESIGN creates simple, powerful logos that work in all formats. All at an terrific price. (Click on the images above for samples.)

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Develop your businesses 'reach' with effective and beautiful advertising. And communicate to your community the proven way with a newsletter that gets the word out there and helps to maintain ties to your constituents. StylinDESIGN works with you to balance budget and format. (Click on the images above for samples.)

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